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Experience the nature in Vartiosaari. A unique island in the middle of the River Kemijoki offers culinary treats to satisfy even the most demanding palates, conferencing facilities for 50 people, a riverside sauna and 11 comfortable apartments decorated in Finnish design classics. Vartiosaari is located only 10 minutes’ drive from Rovaniemi city centre and Rovaniemi Airport.


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This fascinating small islet can be found under the name Vartiosaari, on maps of Rovaniemi dating back to as early as 1712. The history of the island consists of a variety of colourful stories, elements of which are still visible in its environment and the architecture. There are still some historically valuable buildings on the island, such as the Castrén villa, which belonged to a chemist and was built as a holiday home at the end of the 19th century. The island was renamed Ainola in 1880 after Castrén’s wife. There is also a pavilion, a granary and a fountain dating back hundreds of years.

The island was used by the Finnish Defence Forces during the Second World War from 1939 to 1944. It was actively used in military operations. The island was returned to private recreational use in 1973. Visitors have been accommodated here since the 1980s. The islet in the River Kemijoki now invites you to lend an ear to its stories, and enjoy the company of your nearest and dearest and the wonders of the Arctic nature. Step on the bridge to Vartiosaari and write your own chapter in its rich history.


Breakfast is served! #goodmorning 😊 Hotel Vartiosaari
The river is freezing over soon 😊❄️ #timelapse
Hotel Vartiosaari is at Hotel Vartiosaari.
Hotel Vartiosaari
Beautiful morning view from our hanging bridge.

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Monet meidän vieraista ei osaa edes kuvitella millainen tämä saari oikein onkaan. Hankalaa se onkin pukea sanoiksi. Parempi niin, että kokemus on positiivinen ja jättää ihmettelylle sijaa ✨

We hear every week fantastic feedback about the hotel, the location and ...
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First snow ❤️ Ensilumi ❄️ Anne Wegelius Rikkaus tämä neljä vuoden aikaa 🔴 Hotel Vartiosaari
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Kokouksen jälkeinen kevyt iltapala odottamassa vieraita. Savukalaa ja lisukkeena feta- ja perunasalaattia.

Our Kota restaurant is ready to serve guests. Light evening snack 👍

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Hotel Vartiosaari
Visit Rovaniemi - the Official Hometown of Santa Claus
We just open more rooms for the New Year's Eve and also for the Christmas. You can easily find our availability directly from Facebook page under 'Rates and promotions'. Or send your request by email to sales@hotelvartiosaari.fi.
Hotel Vartiosaari is ...
Hotel Vartiosaari
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The autumn start to be over. Not that many sunny days, but at least a little bit sunlight.

Syksy alkaa olla ohi. Ei montaa aurinkoista päivää, vähän kuitenkin auringonvaloa oli näkyvissä.
Hotel Vartiosaari
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Would you like to spend your holiday in the middle of the nature? But only 10min away from the city center of Rovaniemi.

Now it's possible to check our availability and do reservations here from Facebook, just click 'Rates and ...
Raili Anneli Ahti Oh,what a wonderfull place😁😂Seppo Sipilä Ei näy mitään hotellia - "in the middle of nature" ?Taina Ollila Os Ekonoja Mahtava naapuri! Hotel Vartiosaari
The autumn has arrived with beautiful colors. This is the beauty of nature, the real masterpiece. Alice Adlam Gordon Keighley one day we'll go back.. Hotel Vartiosaari
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Etsitkö paikkaa kokoukselle Rovaniemellä? Vartiosaaren Virtaamossa löytyy takuulla rauhalliset puitteet ravintolapalveluineen käyttöönne. Kysy tarjousta kokouspaketista osoitteessa www.hotelvartiosaari.fi

Looking for a place to hold your business meeting? Look no further than our Virtaamo conference room. Our restaurant is ready to satisfy ...
Hotel Vartiosaari
Rovaniemen Kehitys Oy
Tiesitkö jo tästä uudesta matkailukohteestamme? Kemijoen pieni saari löytyy jo vuoden 1712 Rovaniemen kartoista Vartiosaaren nimellä. Saaren pitkä historia on monivaiheinen ja ainutlaatuinen – se näkyy sekä maastossa että arkkitehtuurissa. Hotel Vartiosaari
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Birgitta Rossilahti Ihana paikka rahoittumiseen sekä oiva paikka koukoustamiseen. Hotel Vartiosaari